Club “Triumph”


Club “Triumph” – This is a modern entertaining complex with concert-banquet halls and bar-billiards.

The club organizes:

  • Concerts
  • Various show-programs
  • Corporative evenings
  • Presentations
  • Exhibitions
  • Evenings with well-known people
  • Wedding ceremonials and other festive events.

The hall is for 700 people

Events are organized as by club “Triumph” as other organizers.

In the club they can be served by concert hall, equipped with musical concert and lightening technical appliances of high quality from French Company “NEXO”.

For the maximal comfort for our customers the club has some of the different entrances from different sides - from Tsereteli Avenue and from parking area, for visitors coming to the club by cars. Well-organized parking system is considered for 50 cars and is equipped with modern monitoring systems.