Supermarket Georgita was founded in 2001, with a joint strength of Italian and Georgian businessmen.

And even the idea of company’s name comes from that point of view (Georgia/Italy).

Strongly determined management and human resources politics, have promoted prompt development of a company and future expansion of it in Georgia.

Company “Georgita” represents highly organized, the largest trading company in Georgia, acting in international standards, whose consumers can buy such unique products as:

  • Products without gluten. Bread, macaroni and biscuits without containing wheat;
  • Bio-products: rice, juices and oil. (Also bio-products, produced in Georgia);
  • Exclusive French wines, champagnes, brandies, liqueurs;
  • Hair and skin care products made by natural raw materials;
  • Unique and exclusive hygiene products prepared on China vegetarian: tooth paste, douche-gel, shampoo and other skin care products for any type of skin;
  • Large assortment of unique soaps of Italian soap producing company “Nest Dantes” produced on natural raw materials;
  • Animal soap of 100 percent;
  • Special tea and sweets from “Fine Line” series, which is made especially for women, who care about their healthy and nice body;

Except the premium class exclusive production, today Georgita also offers to its comsumer:

  • Other kinds of hot and cold dishes, salads and doughes, cooked in front of consumer’s eyes:
  • Large assortment of meat, after laboratorial analysis, is processed in front of consumer’s eyes, with the help of modern installations by professional butchers.
  • Big assortment of fruit and vegetables;
  • Fish products on fresh and delicious ready fish meals;
  • Unique sea products: mussels, calmar, oysters..., snails, frog legs, kernels of “Sen-Jak” in coral;
  • Other pastry-cooks, prepared on the place;
  • Bid assortment of French Ice-creams

The company is a rapidly progressive business structure, which permanently improves quality of its service, grows trading line, expands product assortment and gains proper partners in local markets as in international leading countries, that in whole promotes to meet growing requirement and demands of society.

There are about 100 permanents employees in the company for today. The administration and ordinary employees willingly care about making maximal comfort and communication for visitors and all these at last make positive influence on staff motivation as on good will of partners and clients, also on permanent cooperation.