Welcome to the homepage of Didube Plaza!

Didube Plaza is located at Tsereteli Avenue, number 116.
Its large space is projected only for you, to feel comfort when you are entering to the center; despite of your visit purpose, is it business visit or you are just visiting our center. We have everything – that could be needed for modern business man; it would be office area, trading space or just enjoyable complex.

You can enjoy with a needed service, instead of spreading time in traffic density, without leaving the center. In diversity of our services you can get sure if you find a little time and visit our web-site.

We Can:

  • host conferences and business meetings

  • organize corporate parties

  • provide your business with a cosy office

You Can:

  • shop for hundreds of products in supermarket

  • get a new haircut at our beauty salon

  • enjoy delicious lunch and a Czech beer

  • find yourself some nice clothing