Beer Restraunt Morava

Idea of opening beer restaurant “Morava” came after Czech businessmen reviewed building of business center “Didube Plaza”, which was under construction by that moment.

There was selected for this, terrace on the fourth floor of “Didube Plaza” atrium, projected by Italian architects, with amazing taste, which faces from above all inside space and, at the same time, is quietly separated from the rest of the complex. In one word, you will feel comfortable there and no one will be able to disturb you.

Restaurant interior was designed in traditional Czech style, which do not considers so called “coupes”, but here are specially organized tables with tap, from where visitors can pour beer themselves according to their desire.

Czech partners have taken charge to create Czech atmosphere, not only by interior but also by the best Czech beer, plum vodka, well-known in Czech Republic and beer vodka (this is not a mistake, it is really beer vodka!). In addition to all these there are the dishes of maestro Miroslav Sotona with ingredients specially delivered from the Czech Republic; those dishes traditionally go with beer parties.

Dear visitors, please visit us and you will discover the Czech Republic without leaving Tbilisi, on the fourth floor of business center “Didube Plaza”.