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On December, 2004 Company “Stab” has invited Italian investors, who had purchased building of 9900.88 sq.m., located on 4062 aq.m. plot and surrounded part of land 8400 sq.m. This project was planned by Italians and Georgians together. The project had considered full rehabilitation of building and expansion of it with a new five-storied building to the side of yard, which put into service from January 2009, where you can rent well-organized areas.


Usable space for trading-entertaining complex is 12616 sq.m. which is separated in the following way:

  • Supermarket “Georgita” – 1000 sq.m.
  • Office area – 1480 sq.m.
  • Trading center – 5466 sq.m.
  • Club “Triumph” – 2070 sq.m.
  • Hotel “D’Plaza” – 1900 sq.m.

Addition to this:

  • Underground warehouse space about 1331 sq.m.
  • Parking lot for 200 automobiles.

Lots of banks, near the “Didube Plaza” significantly makes surrounding business better, these banks are: “TBC Bank” 2 operational offices, “Silk Road Bank”, “Tao Privat Bank”, “Basis Bank”, “Bank Republic”, “Standard Bank” “Bank of Georgia”.